The Case for Just Eating Better

The Case for Just Eating Better (No Diet Labels)

There are many diet labels out there. Vegetarian.  Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian.  Pescatarian. Vegan.  Vegan before 6pm. (Yes, I know this one is controversial. I’ll explain in a minute.) Plant Strong. Flexitarian. Fruititarian. (Yes, they eat only fruit.) Raw Foodist. What I find interesting is that these labels, which are really just styles of eating that put an […]


3 Myths About Type 2 Diabetes and the Encouraging Truth

“You have Type 2 diabetes.” On average, each year in the U.S. over 400,000 men and women age 20 and older receive this news from their doctor. For many, the diagnosis comes as a shock. For others, it is the dreaded confirmation of long held fears. Over 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. […]


5 Compelling Reasons to Eat Apples

As I drive around Longmont, I notice apple trees everywhere. Their long, arching branches draped over fences or sweeping green lawns, loaded down with rosy hued or pale green fruit. Most of them will fall to the ground uneaten. Which is a shame, considering how delicious and beneficial this polyphenol powerhouse is. If you love […]

5 Tips to Dinner On the Table Without Becoming a Kitchen Slave

5 Tips to Get Dinner on the Table without Becoming a Kitchen Slave

I get it.  You know that replacing highly-processed frozen and boxed dinners with real, whole food is important, but life is busy and often stressful.  So the idea of “cooking dinner” every day can be daunting.  It might even make you feel like a kitchen slave. (No fun!) So I’ll let you in on a […]

What to Eat and Drink to Avoid Heat Exhaustion (Video)

What to Eat and Drink to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

The “dog days” of summer are definitely here.  The temps are high, and in many places so is the humidity. I never tolerated hot, humid weather very well.  After an afternoon of running errands or doing some other necessary outdoor activity in the sweltering heat, I usually returned home exhausted with a banging headache.   Then […]

Helath Secrets of Cherries

Health Secrets of Cherries

That sweet cherry, flaunting its crimson or rosy blushed skin, has some secrets. On a nutrition panel, the health benefits are not so obvious.  A cup of whole, sweet cherries is about 87 calories with 18 grams of sugar.  The only vitamin it’s notable in is vitamin C, providing 16% of the daily recommended value. […]

6 Steps to Positive Success

6 Steps to Positive Success

Are you a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full kind of person? Are you sure? I used to think that I was the glass-half-full type.  I saw possibilities everywhere.  I could see a future filled with satisfying work, a strong, energetic body, and a close-knit, happy family.  I knew these things were possible for me. But as the […]

The Truth About Sweet Corn

The Truth About Sweet Corn

As a girl, I loved munching those crunchy, golden kernels of fresh corn on the cob.  I would roll the cob in a small pat of butter, lightly salt it, then work my way from one end to the other, eating that crisp, fresh goodness a couple of rows at a time.  Yes, it was […]

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