Don’t Ruin Your Smoothie with This Common Ingredient

My family loves smoothies.  My son takes a big plant protein and fruit smoothie to school almost every day for lunch (which leaves more time to get outside and kick the soccer ball around!) My husband enjoys an occasional tropical fruit smoothie as a mid-morning snack or quick weekend breakfast. Berry smoothies are my personal [...]

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Diet Variety and Your Microbiome

The human microbiota is a community of around 100 trillion microbial cells and the genes they contain, found primarily in the gut. It’s a hot area of study. Researchers are rapidly learning how our microbiome influences our health. Our digestion and metabolism are inextricably linked to our microbiota. A dysfunctional microbiome has been linked to [...]

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What to Eat to Be Happier

We know that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to our physical health. But what about our psychological health? Could the food that makes us healthier also make us happier? Does the food that fuels our bodies best also fuel our creativity, our engagement in life and feelings of well-being? Recent studies suggest the answer is [...]

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The ONE Diet Proven to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Richard* had his first heart attack at the age of 42. Three years later he suffered a stroke. His right carotid artery was totally blocked, and his left carotid artery was 27% blocked, so he underwent bypass surgery. After surgery he followed the usual advice of decreasing sugar and fat, and eating less meat. But [...]

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Budget Friendly Superfoods: Sweet Potatoes

During the land’s wintry deep sleep, when the hardy greens of spring are only garden plans on a page, I turn my culinary and nutritional attention to root vegetables. They’re what’s in season, and I love them all. Roasted carrots, parsnips, beets and sunchokes. Baked and stuffed russet potatoes. Celery root salad. But the sweet [...]

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Real Maple Syrup Facts and Recipes

Growing up, I used to drown my mom’s fluffy pancakes in a sea of Log Cabin® Syrup. The “other” syrup, the tiny bottle of amber-hued “real” maple syrup stayed in the pantry. It was expensive, and was brought out only for the occasional recipe calling for it. It wasn’t until I was grown and cooking [...]

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Orange Pancakes with Maple-Cranberry Syrup

When fresh cranberries hit the grocery store shelves, I stock up. I love that tart pop of flavor, the perfect counterpoint to the sweet in baked goods. I often add cranberries to banana muffins and pancakes. Here is a delicious recipe that combines health promoting cranberries with real, maple syrup. The cranberries do a good [...]

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3 Food Stories We Tell Ourselves

We all do it, at least occasionally. We tell ourselves food stories - convenient but untrue beliefs or ideas said privately to ourselves or aloud to others – that help us ignore the facts (or put off getting the facts,) so that we don’t have to change. It doesn’t make us bad people. It just [...]

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Don’t Be Duped – General Mills Cherrios Protein

In June, General Mills finally caved to mounting consumer pressure and agreed to remove artificial flavors and food dyes from their breakfast cereals over the next two to three years. Children cheered and moms everywhere breathed a sigh of relief – one less thing to worry about. While I am glad to hear they are [...]

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Breast Cancer Fighting Walnut, Barley and Greens Vegetable Soup

You’ve probably heard the stats. About 1 in 8 American women will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their life. What you may not have heard is that what you eat can dramatically improve those odds. This week I made a vegetable soup from one of Candice Kumai’s recipes in her new book [...]

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