The Lawn Weed You Should Be Eating

Their slender, spiky green leaves and cheery yellow heads pop up in lawns every spring. For perfect-turf loving homeowners, the dandelion is an evil weed to be eradicated by any means possible. For those in the know, this humble “weed” is actually a valued medicinal herb with centuries of use all over the world. Dandelion [...]

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Culinary Herb Garden Benefits

Each spring I start my kitchen garden by planting some culinary herbs. It’s enjoyable work, out on the back deck with the warm spring sun on my back. I pull the remnants of last season’s dead plants from the pots, add some organic fertilizer and mix it around with a hand trowel. Then I pull [...]

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Parsley – Beyond the Garnish

When I was growing up, mom often garnished dinner with a sprinkle of chopped parsley.  Those bits of green brightened up the plate and made it more appetizing.  But it wasn’t until years later that I came to appreciate parsley as a powerful and cleansing green - an herb worthy of my attention beyond the [...]

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Healthy Thyme Tips

I have a large, leggy thyme plant in my kitchen.  It grew to abundance over the summer, and I rescued it from the back deck when the first snows hit in late October.  This time of year, it spends most days on my kitchen floor, near the sliding glass door, surviving on moderate temperatures and meager sunlight. […]

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