Diabetes Prevention – A World Diabetes Day Goal

Today is World Diabetes Day.  The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) established November 14th each year as the day to bring attention to this disease that affects more than 366 million people worldwide. Here are the current statistics: In North America and the Caribbean, 1 adult in 10 has diabetes 50% don't even know they have [...]

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Food Love For Your Kidneys

Recently I was reminded of a startling truth: 1 in 7 Americans has kidney disease. Even more alarming, many do not even know it. They have no idea that in a few years they will be faced with a stark reality. Renal dialysis. For most, they will either have to spend four hours a day, three days a week in a clinic for hemodialysis treatments, or endure some other form of dialysis. […]

By | November 27th, 2010|Kidney Health|2 Comments
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