The Low Mood Food Connection

Does food affect your mood?  If you have ever been out shopping on a busy Saturday, running errands much later than you expected, and your mega-caffeinated beverage of choice wears off leaving you wandering store aisles – tired, foggy and grumpy – then you know the answer is a definite YES! […]

Boost Your Immunity with Vitamin A

You know the telltale signs.  That scratchy throat, increased fatigue or congestion that tells you that a cold is coming.  A week of general crumminess feels inevitable.  But as a health coach, I am always looking for ways to beat the odds with healthy eating. You can take charge and circumvent, or at lease reduce the length and strength of that cold.  The secret is to boost your immune system.  Seriously boost it – quickly. […]

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Vitamin D – A Healthy Diet Does It

Search the internet, and you will find countless websites touting the miracles of megadoses of vitamin D.  Sales of vitamin D have skyrocketed from $40 million in 2001 to $425 million in 2009.  Why the surge?  Over the past few years, much has been made of some studies that appeared to link reduced vitamin D with cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases.  But more recent studies have shown that megadoses of vitamin D can actually damage kidneys.  […]

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