I sift through the mountains of Nutrition and Wellness News each week to find the most interesting and meaningful.  Here is what caught my eye recently.

Cranberry for UTI More Than Folk Remedy?
Those who use cranberry juice or cranberry products to control urinary tract infection know that cranberry is powerful.  Now a review of 10 studies proves it.

Reduce Risk of Hospital Acquired Infections with Vitamin D
Here’s another reason to keep taking your Vitamin D supplement.  A new study finds that Vitamin D plays an important antimicrobial role and strengthens the immune response, possibly reducing  a person’s risk of acquiring deadly drug-resistant hospital acquired infections.

Omega 3’s Lower Inflammation
There is a media storm surrounding Omega-3 and whether or not supplementing is beneficial.  Here is study supporting the benefits – lowering chronic inflammation in overweight older adults.

Calcium Supplements May Raise Heart Attack Risk
This WebMD article gives some perspective on the recent studies on calcium supplements.  Calcium supplements do not appear to have the same protective effect as a calcium rich diet.  Get the details in this summary of the report.

Putting the Myth to Rest:  There is No Such Thing As Bad Cholesterol
Want to learn the truth about cholesterol – how it works in our bodies and what happens with the dietary cholesterol that we consume?  This fact filled article is a must read.

Aresenic In Our Chicken?
“We were kind of floored,” said Keeve E. Nachman, a co-author of both studies and a scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future.  “It’s unbelievable what we found.” Read this opinion post to learn why we should be seriously concerned about cheap, factory farmed chicken.

Why You Can’t Believe Every Health Headline
Perhaps you have seen these headline:  “Eating White Rice Daily Up Diabetes Risk”  and “White Rice Linked to Diabetes Risk.”  But is white rice really that harmful?  Read this article by Dr. Freedhoff, where he explains the problems with observational dietary studies that get spun out of control by the media.

The Case for Eating Organic Apples
If you have ever been the grocery store and questioned the need to pay a $1 more for organic apples – read this post at Forbes.com.  It gives 5 powerful reasons to choose organic apples over conventionally grown apples.

FDA Adds Diabetes Warning to Statin Labels
With statins becoming so commonplace (what man over 50 is NOT on them?) the FDA is adding a diabetes warning to several statin medications.  It’s a reminder that unwanted side-effects usually accompany a drug, and that we should consider our food choices and activity level carefully.

Reduced Omega-3 Speeds Brain Aging
Protect your brain!  Lower blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids are associated with smaller brain volumes and worse cognitive performance, researchers reported.  Eat fatty fish or take fish oil supplements.

Arsenic Found in Infant Formula, Energy Bars
The new spotlight on arsenic has uncovered this health threat in some new and unexpected places.  Read the news article, then search your pantry for anything that contains organic brown rice syrup and toss it.

Postpone a Snack to Reduce Your Craving For It
Postponing a snack to an indefinite time in the future reduces cravings for up to a week, a new study finds.  Eliminating the “yes” or “no” and avoiding the decision had a marked effect on study participates.  The key to resisting candy and potato chips was to postpone eating to an indefinite time.  Tell yourself, “I can have it later,” and you’ll eat less when you do.

Black Tea Cuts Blood Pressure
In a recent randomized, double-blind study, participants drinking three cups of black tea a day experienced a significant reduction in blood-pressure.  This study demonstrates the power of tea flavonoids!

From fancy salt to gourmet trucks, an appetizing look at 2012
Check out 12 food trends for 2012, based on insights from the 1,300 booths at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Gluten-free, Korean Cuisine, nori seaweed snacks (my son loves these!) gourmet food trucks, pickles and more.